Cry Minami


Mechanical Brides / Cry Minami

since 2010
The title of series ‹Mechanical Brides› refers to an early book by Marshall McLuhan with the same title. It deals with questions about newspapers, comics, and advertisements and also reflects the role of women in popular culture. With the camera I was taking lots of photos from billboards showing portraits of women in Japan, America and Europe. These image are interesting as these models become role models for a lot of women. I worked on some of these images and produced stickers which I put back into the streets—to react on advertising companies putting into the streets and public spaces to claim back these spaces. project-website»»

Cry Minami, Pigment Prints 74   x   57   cm

Cry Alex, Düsseldorf 2019
Zweikanal-Video  /  two-channel   video,   sound  ;   loop

exhibited at:
2019 »Sequence as a Dialogue« Kunsthalle Gießen
2018 »Cry Minami« UNSEEN Amsterdam
2018 »Cry Minami« Talk- and Printshow, in)(between gallery Paris
2017 »Werbung« Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf


Katja Stuke, Cry Minami
3 Photo-Zines, 2016/2018
29,7 × 21 cm