Sky Electric

3 + 12 pigment prints, 41 x 51 cm, framed

»If, as Gottfried Jäger says, there are two great photographic cultures, the imitative, mimetic, which ‚takes‘ the images, and the imagecreating, poetic, which ‚gives‘ them, „Equivalents“ are images with a positive trade balance: They take and give alike; Descriptive and connotative, they are not only obligated to record a reality of any kind, but also record the photographer’s attention: his mental as well as physical choices of design, where Friedrich Schleiermacher is speaking , the infinite is looked at in the finite.« (Anja Schürmann, Equivalents 2017)

exhibited at:
2019 »Schwarzes Licht« Tina Miyake
2017 »Equivalents« Kunstraum Düsseldorf, curated by Anja Schürmann

Katja Stuke, Sky Electric
32 pages, back and white digital offset, no binding
210 x 297 cm, Ed of 100 copies
EUR 20,– plus shipping